The Theory of Everything – Multiverse

The theory of everything (TOE) is a putative theory of theoretical physics that fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena, and, ideally, has predictive power for the outcome of any experiment that could be carried out in principle. There is a lot of cool ideas floating around This Discussion board So I think we should try to consolidate overlapping ideas hear. Existence and all that encompasses it.

3D is Spacial coordinate (Length, Breadth, Height)
4D is Time
5D is Change
6D is Special Relativity
7D is the Medium which separates 2 or more dimensional frames. (Our universe)
8D Describes the Multiverse
9D Describes the Omniverse (Our Existence)
10D Describes Omni-Existence (That which encompasses all possible Existence)
11D Describes Infinity Indefinite Non-Existent which give rise to Infinite possibility

The universe is the shared entirety of one reality. The instance description of a context that is relative in size/structure (attributes/Modes) to the known universe that we inhabit. A universe also knows as a cosmos is a particular individual space-time organization with a specified number of dimensions of space and time and definite and specific laws of physics. Other universes (other cosmoses) may have different numbers of laws of physics, dimension, or space, and time, and different laws of physics than our own universe.
The Multiverse describes: The 8D connection of set multiple possible universes (including the historical universe we constantly experience.) that together comprise everything with in the 8D
The Omniverse Describes Existence is the conceptual ensemble of all possible Multiverse with all possible Inherent Laws of Physics. It is impossible for any child multiverse to inherent Laws of physics from its parent Omniverse which it’s Omniverse does not have.
The Omni-Existence: Describes the existence of all Omniverse’s Omni Existence comprises everything that exists including all possible laws of physics, reality, Space, Time, and Change, including all that is physical, Energy, and Consciousness. Omni-Existence is the embodiment of infinite reality.
The Infinite Indefinite: Describes the Existence of Omni-Existence Infinite Indefinite is the state of infinite possibility and Non-Existent which gives rise to Infinite possibility or Omni-Existence.
In regards to 6D. The six dimensions like an atom don’t exist until you try to measure it. for example, two space ships traveling at close to the speed of light. observe in space ship A can see the observer in space ship B and vise versa. When the observer in space ships A look at a clock in space ship B the hand on the clock appears not to be moving. Likewise for observing in space ship B observing a clock in space ship A. The space ships define the 6D for both space ships A and B. The medium between the two ships become encompasses yet another 6Dimentional reference frame which is used to describe the 7 Dimension.
Our universe as described by Albert Einstein is full of 6D Elemental partials, Atoms, Chemical elements, molecules, and Celestial bodies. When we the interaction of the elemental forces which give rise to the atomic particles we are describing the 6D when we describe nuclear and chemical interaction of atomic and elemental particle. we describe the 6dimention when we describe a planet and its moon(s) we describe a 6D reference frame when we describe the interaction of planets and stars as a solar system we define that solar system with a 6d reference frame. When we describe the sum of the celestial body which comprises a Galaxy we describe the Galaxy as a 6dimentional reference frame. So it is that all these 6D reference frames are used to describe our universe. As the 7Dimention reference frame.

Thought experiment
You and I decide to meet on the rooftop of a McDonald’s. So we need to choose one. The address of McDonald’s is like defining its location in 3 dimensions. “Space but we also have to set a Date and Time this is the 4 dimension. “Time” And so we meet on the roof at the decided location and time except when we arrive the McDonald isn’t a McDonald any more it a burger king. McDonald’s has changed from a McDonald to a Burger King 5Dimension. “Change” The Exterior landscape of the Mc Donald’s plus the store and the store interior describe the Mc Donald’s in the 6Dimension. If the Mc Donald’s is located spacial next to a Burger King or other building you would describe the Neighbor building in the same way as being a 6D Burger King. Now if you take both buildings together and describe them (Like the two space ships). Then you are describing the 7dimension. because the two 6D establishments are being defined together in another 6Dimension frame of reference which becomes 7dimensional. The parallel worlds of these stores describe the 8D Multiverse. All infinity connected variation of this 8D.
3D is Spacial coordinate 4D is Time 5D is Change 6D is Special Relativity 7D is the Medium which separates 2 or more dimensional frames. (Our universe) 8D Describes the Multiverse 9D Describes the Omniverse (Our Existence) 10D Describes Omni-Existence (That which encompasses all possible Existence) 11D Describes Infinity Indefinite Non-Existent which give rise to Infinite possibility

Fundamental forces
Gravitation Stronger nuclear forces Magnetism weak nuclear force
Elemental forces = Subatomic and elemental Particles Particles = Atoms Atoms = matter
Matter is energy and energy is matter .energy describes = Forces.
Subatomic particles: Are 6Dimentional Special Relative Frames (S.R.F) The strong and weak nuclear force is the result of interaction of between their 6D S.R.F and the 7Dimentional the strong and weak Nuclear forces are 7D S.R.F forces.
Elemental forces which quantum physics describe as quarks are 5 dimensional forces (as described quantum Chromodynamics (QCD)) Due to their state of infinite change as describe by Quantum Mechanics.
Elemental forces or quarks are forces of Infinite change. Infinite change with in a 6D S.R.F describe the subatomic and elemental particles, which give rise to matter.
Elemental particles as described by the particle Zoo interact with one another 7Dimensionally (Fundamental forces). Which is described by Nuclear Physics and Chemistry.
The 7dimentional interaction of the strong and weak nuclear force with the atomic nucleus describes Nuclear Physics.
Chemistry: Describe the Chemical Elemental found on the periodic table of elements. As describe by 6D objects: Note Protons, Neutrons, and electrons are held together by 7dimentional forces. Describing an Atom or chemical elements. The sum of all of an atoms Dimensional Interaction become relative to its self and thus 6Dimentional. Now when describing chemical elements valence electrons interaction become 7Dimentional S.R.F.
The subatomic and Elemental particles electrons interaction 7D interaction with the atomic nucleus and describes chemistry.
Fundamental Forces = Dimensional force and interaction.
Quarks = 5D S.R.F
Subatomic and elemental particles: ( Quarks interaction (5d) + Fundamental forces interaction +1d) = 6D interaction.

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