India’s Richest People – A 10 Years Analysis

Welcome to the Multiverse, This is an Analysis of the Richest People in India.

It is wonderful to observe and analyze the data of the wealth of the richest people in India. Even though the Indian economy is slowing down the pace from the last several quarters, still some of the Indian tycoons are enjoying a huge gain of wealth. The wealth of half of the nation’s 100 richest rose collectively 14% to $517.5 billion in spite of great adversity due to COVID 19. This all was attained when the BSE Sensex behaved flat from a year ago. Indians are very resilient entrepreneurs. They are recognized by their bounce back character as industrialists.

The data displayed above is a fine gauze of the Indian economy. It facilitates to comprehend Indian industry’s rise & fall level. Top Industrialists like Mukesh Ambani after switching from oil to telecom had a straight rise of 73% in wealth. He stood at the top for the 13th year. He attained a net worth of $88.7 billion adding $37.3 billion. Pharma Company also had an unexpected rise of 21% due to the increasing inclination towards personalized healthcare.

Here below is the list of influential entrepreneurs who believe in innovating and transforming business :

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