World War 2 Timeline

Welcome to Multiverse, This is timeline for World war 2

September 29, 1938Munich Agreement
September 1, 1939Germany Invades Poland
May 10, 1940Germany Strikes in the West
July 10, 1940Battle of Britain Begins
May 27, 1941Sinking of the Bismarck
June 22, 1941Germany Invades the USSR
December 7, 1941Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor
February 15, 1942Singapore Falls
May 30, 1942Thousand Bomber Raid
June 4, 1942Battle of Midway Begins
August 7, 1942US Marines Land on Guadalcanal
October 23, 1942Victory at El Alamein
January 31, 1943Surrender at Stalingrad
July 10, 1943Invasion of Sicily
June 6, 1944D-Day
June 15, 1944Assault on Saipan
June 22, 1944Great Red Army Offensive
August 1, 1944Warsaw Uprising
December 16, 1944Battle of the Bulge Begins
April 16, 1945Battle for Berlin Begins
August 6, 1945Hiroshima Destroyed

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